Volunteer Testimonials

People love to volunteer at SPRINT Senior Care! Take a look at what just three of our happy volunteers have to say:

Joyce   Mary-Louise   Samuel
joyce_photo_cropped_for_web.jpg   mary-louise_photo_cropped_for_web.jpg   samuel_photo_cropped_for_web.jpg
I’m impressed by the organization; it is so well-run and extremely appreciative of its volunteers. The people that volunteer here, we’re all like-minded. We just want to help in any way that we can, it doesn’t matter the job. We truly enjoy every minute that we are here!   What I enjoy most about volunteering and delivering meals is that I have a specific route, so I get to see the same clients often. It’s like being greeted by someone who’s unbelievably happy that you’ve showed up. No one gives you that kind of praise and good feeling. Plus, I know I’m making a difference in those peoples’ lives.   The most rewarding part about volunteering is seeing each senior and bringing them a meal. They are very grateful for it and love to chat since they can’t go out and don’t get much interaction throughout the day due to COVID-19. It’s nice for them and for me to see how they’re doing.